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Author: Cycle-IT (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: December 10, 2010 9:47 AM
Version: 1.0
Views: 13,835
Downloads: 695
Demo URL: http://cycleframework.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/CycleFramework/example/bin-release/index.html
License: MIT


CycleFramework is a view management and development oriented framework for applications implemented with actionscript3 technology. It is developed and mantained by Cycle-IT but anybody who want to contribute to this project is welcome.

CycleFramework is specially useful for management-like applications, where the different view states follow a _root-branch-leaf_ pattern clearly: the application will have a well defined navigation tree.

In this kind of applications, each view have two identifiable parts:
# A part which remains invariable during the whole life of a view component.
# A variable one which may change whenever is needed.

Talking about the navigation tree, there're three important concepts that need to be explained:

* root: Application's main container or the application itself. It'll have fixed and variable view components.
* branch: Navigation view where the application may navigate to. It'll have fixed and variable view components too.
* leaf: Navigation view where the navigation ends. There's no more posible navigations to any new sublevels from this point, but it'll always be possible to navigate to another superior level, such going back.

So, if an application follows this scheme, CycleFramework comes in handy, and it'll ease the developing of flex and as3 applications.

CycleFramework is served in two flavours:
# CycleFrameworkArray: dependent with Flex SDK framework. It also contains a facade system that will allow you to connect easily your flex applications with a server side technology. You'll be able to navigate throught different navigationViews while updating your models after a server request.
# CycleFrameworkAS3: Pure actionscript3 version. It doesn't include any dependency with Flex framework, so you'd be able to use it in your flash/actionscript3 projects. This version doesn't include previous facade system, so you'll have to provide your custom solution.

It's encouraged to update your flex projects with latest CycleFramework library. Althought, old CycleFramework .swc will be available for a while as a deprecated tagged download.

For announces and news related with CycleFramework, check Cycle-IT's blog.

*Update 10/12/2010:* CycleFramework has been updated. These changes are:

* We've got rid of Flex ArrayCollection dependencies changing all ocurrencies with native flash Array.
* Renamed INavegableView to INavigableView
* Renamed some vars.

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Flex SDK 3.4 or greater.
External library version provided

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